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No matter what kinds of girl's clothing you are looking for, you can find it all here. Girls fashion start with us.

Save Money on Kids Clothes by Shopping Online

Shopping for clothes for your children can be challenging. It's pretty inevitable that within a year's time the clothes you buy will have been ripped or stained, or won't even fit your kids anymore.

It's hard to drop a load of cash on clothing that will be virtually unusable inside of a year. If your kids are babies or toddlers, chances are the clothes won't even be used for six months. It's important to shop around for the best possible deals available. Luckily, the internet has become a great place to find the steepest discounts.

There are many perks to shopping from the comfort of your home computer. You don't need to rally the troops for a ride to the store. With that, there's no need to worry about keeping an eye on them while shopping for the right clothing and the right price. If the kids get out of control, you're the only one who will know. On top of that, you don't have to deal with traffic, long lines, or rude shoppers. The best part about shopping online is that's where you'll find the best deals around.

If you don't do so already, every week pick up your local Sunday paper. Check out all the major retailer's ads and then head to their websites. Generally speaking, the same sale prices will be available online. Even better, you will usually find additional clearance prices on their websites, sometimes on items that aren't even available in the store.

Coupon codes can be your best friend while shopping. They can be used for free shipping or cash off the total amount of your purchase. If you get any catalogs from retailers, make sure to check them for coupon codes. If not, head to Google or Yahoo and search the term "coupon codes."

A coupon code is very simple to use. Browse through the website and shop for the merchandise you need. When you proceed to the checkout there will be a section for you to enter the coupon codes. If you have a couple of codes for the same store, sometimes they'll allow you to enter all of them, which will save you a ton of money.

Sign up for email newsletters from any store you're fond of. This is a good idea because many times those newsletters include coupons and/or coupon codes for online shopping discounts.

Don't forget about eBay. Before you start thinking about how you don't want to put your kids in used clothing, remember that there are many brand new items up for grabs on eBay. Obviously eBay won't be helpful using a general search, but if your kids are in need of something specific, it won't hurt to check the site out. You could end up picking up clothing for your kids for less than half the original price.

Shopping for clothing for your kids does not have to break the bank. You can save a significant amount of money if you're willing to navigate the web for discounts.


Top 5 Must-Have Girl's Fashions For Summer

Summer is here and so are the long beautiful days and fun nights that go with it. That means that there is even more opportunity for your little girl to go out and have fun and strut her stuff. With all of the events that will be on your daughter's summer itinerary, it might start to look like you will have to take out a loan to pay for all of the clothes that she will need to attend these events. This is not the case if you get her the 5 must-have girl's wardrobe fashions for summer.

Tank Tops

Tank tops in all sorts of colors and patterns are one of the hottest summer items for girls this year. They can be in basic cotton or even in dressier fabrics like linen and silk. The key is to buy tank tops that can be mixed and matched with a lot of different outfits to make the most out of the ones that you do buy.


It wouldn't be summer with out the parade of sundresses on little girls that you will see out everywhere. Sundresses are one of the best ways for little girls to stay cool and look their best no matter where they go this summer. A perfect sundress can take your daughter from the beach to the neighbor's party without anything else needed.

Bermuda shorts

One of the best trends for little girls this summer is Bermuda shorts. These shorts are longer than what has been worn in fashion in the past. They come down to the knee and help to keep your little girl stylish and more protected from the sun.

Sun Hats

It is important to make sure that your child always wears a hat on sunny days to keep the harmful rays of the sun off of them. This does not mean that they need to ignore fashion to do it. There are a great number of sun hats that you can put in your daughter's wardrobe to keep her sun safe and looking her best as she plays the day away.

Flip flop

Flip flops go with summer, like ketchup goes with French fries. It just makes sense. A basic pair of solid color flip flops will be the "fall back" shoe for your daughter for the entire summer. You will see her wearing around the pool and on her way to go shopping. There are even flip flops that are dressier if you feel that the basic version is not right for the family get-together.

With the 5 must-have summer fashion needs for your daughter in her closet, you will know that your daughter will always look her best whenever she steps out of the house this summer. She can easily mix and match the pieces that she has from her must-have wardrobe to create different outfits and looks for all the places that she will need or want to go. Not only will she look great, but your wallet will too.


Spruce Up Your Child's Wardrobe with Tralala Clothing

There is a very unique clothes shopping experience awaiting mothers of little girls. The clothes come from California, but their inspiration comes from years ago in France.

Anastasia Backstrand is the owner and designer of Tralala, a children's clothing boutique. Long before leaving France, Backstrand was mesmerized by patterns and colors. She eventually earned an education in fashion design in Paris. In the mid 90s, she left France for California, where she lives and designs clothing today. Tralala became a reality in 2003 with her vision to design high-end children's clothing.

Playtime for kids needs to be comfortable as well as fashionable. You will have the best dressed kids on the playground. If you like the vintage French look of floral appliques and black or red toile patterns, Tralala delivers that for your kids.

It is nothing short of an understatement to say that the clothing line from Tralala is unique. The clothing is made from 100% soft-combed cotton. The clothing has not been pre-shrunk so the fashions will shrink the first time they are washed. The French children's wear is sized for average children at every age so take that into account when choosing the appropriate size for your little darlings.

The prints on the clothing can best be described as classic or romantic. Some designs have a hint of Oriental flare with black and white fabric outlines for skirts and play sets. The company designs clothing from limited edition, one-of-a-kind prints that are exclusive to Tralala. After taking a look at the clothing you'll agree that it is something special.

The new spring 2009 collection called Pure is an organic baby and toddler clothing line. These fashions will actually cater to both baby boys and girls. Now both genders can enjoy the luxurious, stylish, cotton fabrics that are a signature of the Tralala clothing lines.

The clothing is made from 100% bamboo cotton, mother of pearl buttons, and organic satin. The collection will include dresses, layettes, pant sets, and blankets. The goal with the line is to be more stylish and appealing than the usually bland, organic clothing available.

A portion of all sales from the Pure line will be given to the organization Kids in Distressed Situation. The organization helps kids with the pure necessities of life such as shelter, food, and clothes.

This is not the first time that Tralala will be helping out those in need. The company has also been involved with Feed the Children and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Although Tralala is a very high-end children's clothing line, it is available at boutiques across the country, as well as over the Internet. If you're looking for unique clothing for your little girl or a baby shower gift for any newborn, you'll definitely want to take a look at what Tralala has to offer. The fabric looks the part of expensive French fashion but it will become your child's favorite clothing to wear for its down-to-earth comfort.


Shop Online: Tips for Buying Children's Clothes

Many people forgo the amazing time and money saving convenience of online shopping because of the risks. Shopping online for clothing for your children can be particularly tricky. Online shoppers aren't able to touch the materials, ask the sales person questions and there is always some residual fear about the security of online shopping.

Will the clothing fit my child? Will it be good quality? Will my transaction be secure? Will I receive the items in time? So many risks and questions. Lets take a look at a few tips and strategies to mitigate the risks and have a positive online shopping experience.

Are They Reputable?

Before you even start looking, make sure the site you're at is safe. This means a secure transaction, you can tell by looking at the URL if it is HTTPS then the site is secure.

Also look for feedback about the store online. There are many review sites and if the site youre shopping at has received many complaints, chances are youll find them online. You can do a quick search by typing in the name of the store and the word reviews, Store Name + Reviews into your search engine of choice.

The Better Business Bureau is also a great place to check for complaints.

Does the store represent quality brands and designers?

Look For Product Descriptions

What are the items made out of? The best online retailers provide very detailed descriptions about their products.

Don't buy something sight unseen - a photo or a number of photos are one of the best ways to make sure you're buying something you want and your child is going to wear.

Be Aware Of Store Policies

Before you hit "PAY" it's important to know what you're getting into. How long will it take to ship to you, for example, is an important consideration.

What are the return policies? A liberal return policy makes it much easier to shop online. A standard policy will give you 30 days provided the tags are still attached to the item and you have proof of purchase, but you may have to pay for return shipping.

Know Your Childs Measurements

Knowing your child's size is important however knowing their measurements will be an extra benefit. Because sizes vary, knowing their measurements can help you determine the right size for your child for any particular brand or item.

Share the wealth. Tell others about your online shopping experiences. If you have a bad experience by all means post a review however don't forget to post a good review when you have a good experience. Good reviews help as much as the bad ones and they ensure the stores you love stay in business.


Keeping Your Daughter Fashionable and Still Looking Like a Girl

Little girls are a joy to dress. The clothing is bright and feminine. As your little daughter grows, however, you may see the fashions start to change. It becomes more and more difficult to make sure your daughter leaves the home dressed like the little girl she is.

Whether mainstream fashion or the media are to blame the end result is the same - potentially inappropriate attire on little girls. We're talking about crop tops, short skirts and suggestive or sassy images. Are there ways to help your daughter look fashionable and still look like a little girl.

You betcha!

Tips To Find Age Appropriate, And Fashionable, Clothing For Little Girls

Embrace child friendly designers and stores. When shopping with your daughter, steer clear of the mainstream stores which tend to sell the big girl clothing. Smaller boutiques and stores which specialize in clothing specifically for little girls will have beautiful clothing for your daughter to choose from.

Give her options and let her choose. Children as young as two or three can choose their own clothing. It gives them power, cultivates their own sense of fashion and creativity, and helps create a bond between you " rather than a battle. Choose a couple of outfits you think shed like and give her the option to choose from those. This way youre still in control however she feels like she has a say in what she wears.

Help her find her style. Some little girls love to wear colorful frilly dresses while others prefer jeans and a t-shirt. Ask your young daughter what she likes to wear and why. Take her to a child friendly online store and ask her to show you the clothing she likes. Engaging in a discussion will help her and you learn her style personality.

It's the little things that count. Accessories can take a simple outfit and send it over the top. Many little girls love a necklace, headband or a fun pair of colorful tights. Adding those simple items to an outfit can really help your daughter feel fashionable. Additionally, if you choose the outfit and let her choose the accessories then you can both walk away happy.

Be a role model. You set an example for your daughter by the clothing you wear. Moms that wear suggestive clothing will find their daughters emulating them. Of course this doesn't mean you have to wear pink polka dots and a faux fur trimmed hat however children do take their cues from the adults in their life.

Release control. The easiest way to encourage your daughter to dress her age is to provide her with items you approve of and then let her decide. Of course there will be days when she emerges wearing the worst possible combination however assuming you've approved of all the items and are comfortable with what's in her closet then the bad fashion day is nothing more than a learning experience for her.

Boutiques and children's specialty stores can be a real benefit in the quest for keeping your daughter fashionable and still looking like a little girl. Many young girls develop a strong sense of fashion early on. Help guide them to making the right choices by providing options you approve of.


Shopping Tips For Plus Size Teens

Teenagers today are all about fashion. They spend their allowances and their parent’s money on whatever trend is at its peak when they hit the malls. Unfortunately, this has left out the plus sized teens, who struggle just to find clothes that fit, let alone those that are stylish and trendy for them to allow them fit in well with their peers. Although the plus sized fashion industry has evolved quite a bit over the years to cater to adults who wear plus size attire, the addition of ‘tweens and teens to their plus size lines has taken a bit longer. Many manufacturers have started to expand their clothing line to include the plus size teens because they know how much spending power they have in the marketplace. Plus sized teens sometimes find it hard to fit in with their peers, so clothing designers have started to come up with designs to allow them to not only find clothes that fit, but also be trendy as well. There are many online stores that are catering to the plus size teen. Torrid is one popular online shop that carries fashionable clothes for the plus sized teen. You can find a selection of denim styles in shirts, shorts, and jeans. There’s also a selection of dresses and lacy tops as well as fashionable swimwear. Another popular online plus size fashion store is b&lu. This store has many trendy fashions for the plus size young woman, including t-shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts. The designs are geared for the younger woman who wants to fit in with her peers. If your plus size teen doesn’t want the big bold flower patterns that sometimes show up on adult plus sized clothes, she can find it online. Another plus sizes online store to check out is igigi. This is one of the more fashionable plus sized clothing shops. They have a section of prom dresses for the plus size teen. Alight.com is another online store that sells plus size clothing for the young woman. Teens can find comfortable clothes that are trendy and fashionable. They offer summer dresses, skirts, tops, t-shirts and denim jeans or shorts to fit any plus sized teen. A search of the Internet will yield a few more online stores that offer trendy clothes for the plus size teen with designs that range from tie dyed t-shirts to exquisite eveningwear for those special teen occasions. Your plus size teen doesn’t have to feel left out of the fashion field anymore. She can dress just as fashionably as her slimmer peers do. Check out the popular online fashion stores and see what they have to offer. While she may not find anything to suit her at the mall, she’s bound to find her own style on the ‘net.


Mimi and Maggie Designs: Stylish Clothing for Hip Young Girls

The options are endless in the world of fashion for little girls. While style and price can be a factor, quality is also very important. One clothing designer that takes all of these things into account is Mimi & Maggie.

Although the company calls California home, an internet search will render a list of retailers throughout the country selling their clothing. The clothing has a reputation for being very playful and vibrant while remaining chic for little girls. The clothing is artistic and fun while being inspired by cultures from around the world.

Who said your little girl couldn't be as rough as the boys and still look good? Although the word "boutique" usually makes one think of stuffy, that is not the case with these clothes. The clothing from Mimi & Maggie is up-to-date and stylish, even for the most hip young girl. The clothing line includes jeans, shirts, sweaters, dresses, and coats. From around the time your baby girl begins to walk she can also strut her stuff in style, with sizes that accommodate girls from 12 months to about 12 years old.

The clothes are designed while keeping two little girls, Mimi & Maggie, in mind. Fun and colorful doesn't mean these clothes aren't casual enough for everyday wear. The clothing is made with fine detail and handmade touches. It's very common to find clothing decorated with beading, embroidery, or lace.

Many times mothers don't find the same clothing appealing that their daughters do. That's not a problem with Mimi & Maggie. The company makes trendy clothing that keeps little girls looking like little girls. Mothers and daughters usually fall in love with the fashions of Mimi & Maggie.

The company searches far and wide to find facilities that specialize in quality and handiwork. Clothing from Mimi & Maggie is not farmed out to mass production facilities.

Mimi & Maggie also strive to incorporate different cultures and talents of the world into their clothing. They do so by searching out handicrafts and working them into their designs. It's also very common to see the inspiration of world cultures past and present in their designs.

Last year's spring collection is a wonderful example. The designs and colors of the line were inspired by ancient Mexican villages, while handicrafts from Bali can be found in the fine details of the pieces.

Culture and tradition play an integral role in Mimi & Maggie clothing designs, but they also keep little girls in mind. According to the company website, they pull their main inspiration from, "The little girl with the little girl with laughter in her eyes, fire in her spirit, love in her heart, and dance in her feet."

Mothers and daughters enjoy shopping at Mimi & Maggie. With a company that churns out quality stylish and colorful clothing, who can blame them?


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